Turkish bath shoes.

Nalins: Turkish Bath Shoes

           Good friends Frank and Tom came across these shoes and they thought of me as soon as they found them and I'm so glad they did. These are Turkish shoes specifically worn in the baths. They are called Nalin's and were worn by women, men, and children during the Ottoman period to raise them off the stone floors and out of the dirty soapy water. 

The base is carved from one piece of hardwood and is embellished with things like silver, gold, mother of pearl and tortoise shell. They even were decorated with bells. 

These are inlaid with Mother of Pearl with metal strips outlining much of the inlay. It reminds me of Cloisonné. Most every surface is decorated. The strap for the upper is embroidered. Below are photos of the different sides. I especially love the details on the footbed and the back of the heel.

The height had cultural value and showed the hierarchy in society and the wealth of the wearer. They ranged in height from two inches to 11 inches.


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