Photoshoot with CyanLens Media and Chris Donovan Footwear

Photoshoot with CyanLens Media and Chris Donovan Footwear

      I did a photoshoot with some very talented people in Worcester. I wanted to share some of the behind the scenes photos and images. The location was and old museum that has been turned into office space. It was once a museum of medieval armor  and when constructed a gothic hall/church was built as a part of it. It is a perfect location for a shoot. The cinematographer was Noah Arnold owner of Cyanlens Media. The model, Chloe. 


        Noah's vision is pretty amazing. I watch everything that is going on and you wonder what the final image might look like. There's a video monitor off to the side to give you an idea.  

 Monitor is showing what the camera sees

Noah the cinematographer rode a one wheel. It is kind of like a skateboard but with one whhel in the center with a motor. Noah is able to spin around Chloe maintaining balance and filming at the same time. Noah caught some amazing images that way. The cinematographer on a one-wheel spinning around the model filming her

There is a lot of downtime time between shots as Noah gets the lighting ready as we move throughout the space. This was a pretty shot with Chloe and the rose stained glass window. 

I was in the background getting the shoes ready for when we needed them.

me prepping the andromeda boot

I had a table set up so we could choose which shoes we would use.Me as Gepetto with Chloe at the shoe table

I don't know what someone did but it was wicked funny.

I don't know what someone did but it was wicked funny

The way Noah highlighted the shoes with the perfect lighting was amazing.

a spotlight highlighting the metallic blue shoe

I'll leave you with a pic of a fantastic team.  Noah the cinematographer, Chloe the model, Max the assistant, and the shoe designer.

A group shot of the cinematographer, Chloe the model , Max the assistant and me.



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